Manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality and retail, and maritime are four primary industry clusters, or a larger grouping of businesses with similar characteristics including products and needs for skilled employees, which exist in the GNBWIB area of the South Coast. For more information read below or contact us for more information about how we are engaging with businesses and training and educating local employees to meet the needs of these industry clusters and businesses today and in the future.



The South Coast and the GNBWIB workforce system area features an active manufacturing sector with employers ranging from seafood product preparation and packaging, textile and fabric finishing, golf product manufacturing to electronics manufacturing, medical devices, and more. Academic institutions feature programs from Associates to advanced degrees in fields such as electrical engineering and  green technologies.



Healthcare features many different types of employers including large hospital systems, manufacturers, and more. Local academic institutions including UMass Dartmouth and Bristol Community College feature programs educating the local workforce in programs such as nursing, healthcare management and information systems, and more.



Hospitality and retail is the largest industry sector employer on the South Coast, with workers engaging in occupations from hotels, sales and in one of the many excellent restaurants dotted along the South Coast. Youth can train for the National Retail Federation certification through the Youth Annex program as well. 


The maritime industry is key to the South Coast economy with New Bedford continually  named one of the most valuable fishing ports in the world, numerous shipyards in Fairhaven, Marion, Mattapoisett, and Wareham, and key maritime schools including Northeast Maritime Institute and Massachusetts Maritime Academy. The area is set to be a staging ground for future off shore wind projects which is anticipated to bring numerous jobs to the region.